• Photo therapy has been in use since 1958.
  • Photo therapy involves exposer of the skin of the jaundiced to blue or cool white lighth of wavelength 400-520nm.
  • Detoxification begins immediately by the production of configuration and structural photo-isomers of
    bilirubin in the skin and precedes the fall in serum bilirubin.
  • Special lamps emitting light predominantly in those wavelengths are considered to be the most effective and specific
    for administering photo therapy.
  • Light is effective in the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia mainly the infant’s skin because its blue content Is low. Besides, hyperpyrexia and skin burns may occur due to prolonged sunlight exposer.


  • Radiant warmer is a bed for stabilizing the body temperature of a newborn or premature infant.
  • It has a heat source positioned above the baby to keep his or her temperature constant.
  • Digital display for set temp as well as acutal temp
  • Pt-100 sensor
  • High & low temp range can be set
  • Temperature cut -off accuracy 0.1C
  • Alarm provided for overheat power fail battery low sensor alarms
  • Power supply 220v/230v.50/60Hz.
  • Heater source two Quartz silicon heater with s.s. reflector.
  • Temp. accuracy 0.1 C *temp. Range 25 c to 40 c.