About Us

Mokshit Corporation is a premier medical equipment manufacturer and supplier providing high technological and quality products to the hospital and allied health service sectors. The company serves hospitals, professionals and distributors with our best expertise in manufacturing and strong supply network. We have established our strong presence in government and several private sectors nationwide and are continually expanding.

Mokshit Corporation, under the able leadership of Director Mr. Shashank Chopda, makes customer service and support top priority apart from the product quality. Additionally, applications specialists, technical support, sales and marketing, product management, training instructors, and administrative personnel are a committed team of well-educated, dedicated and knowledgeable people about the specific needs of market that makes us an outstanding leader in medical equipment manufacturing industry.

Our wide selection of equipment includes Pathological, Cardiology, Neurology, Operation Theatre Equipment, ENT Devices, with advanced features. All our products are quality certified with ISO & CE standards.

Mokshit focuses in solving societal challenges of the healthcare industry continually strives to bring competitive clinical equipment and valuable services to our customers. We welcome the distributors and network partners to join us.